Heritage trees

Context: A 600-year-old Bakhor Bengena tree at Bakota (Sivasagar), a Maha Neem at Kasturba Gandhi Ashram in Guwahati under which Mahatma Gandhi spun thread, a tree planted by Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan at Rani - these and various such old and heritage trees would soon get a new lease of life as the Forest Department is planning to document  and preserve them. The State Forest Department through its research wing and support of Aaranyak is contemplating documenting trees over 50 years of age as ‘heritage trees’ of Assam

About Heritage trees: 

  • A heritage tree is typically a large, individual tree with unique value, which is considered irreplaceable.
  • The major criteria for heritage tree designation are age, rarity, and size, as well as aesthetic, botanical, ecological, and historical value.
  • Heritage tree ordinances are developed to place limits upon the removal of these trees; the ordinances are oriented towards a specific tree, not a woodland.