Bashistha Ganga


  • The historic Gorokhiya Dol, popularly known as Bashistha Ganga, located at Na-Mati here, is on the verge of extinction due to erosion caused by the Dikhow river.

About Gorokhiya Dol:

  • The Gorokhiya Dol (temple) is a beautifully designed octagonal structure, which was built on the bank of the river Dikhow during the reign of Ahom king Susengpha or Pratap Singha (1603- 1641).
  • The Dol is also known as Shiva Temple, Mai Dol and Maheswar Dol.
  • Over the years, erosion of the river bank has posed a serious threat to the existence of the temple.
  • The Gorokhiya Dol was brought under the jurisdiction of the Directorate of Archaeology, Assam, under the Assam Ancient Monuments and Records Act, 1959.