Article: “GI for gamosa” (Page 4)


  • GI tag has not been announced for this unique product of Assam.
  • NOTE: Many Wikipedia and google websites say that Gamosa is a GI Tag holder.


  1. The State government has now reportedly started the process for acquiring the GI tag and one expects that the exercise would be done in due seriousness and accomplished within a reasonable time-frame.

Significance of GI Tag:

  • The GI registration would help protect the unique aspects of the traditional gamosa.
  •  It will safeguard its authencity  at a time when cheap imitations from outside are flooding our markets.
  •  It would also help build a strong brand for the gamosa and popularise it outside the State.
  • .Handloom and handicrafts can be a major component of such an exercise like boosting ACT EAST POLICY.