Prof. Mahaswar Neog


  • The article is in reference to the remembrance of this legend.
  • Prof. Maheswar Neog is a 20th century Ideologists who is popularly known for  his magnum opus Sankardeva and His times: Early History of the Vaishnava Faith and Movement in Assam.
  •  It is pertinent to note that the life story of Sankaradeva was scientifically introduced by Lakshminath Bezbaroa for the first time for modern Assamese readers and Prof Neog enriched this tradition by rigorous scientific treatment of Sankaradeva’s life and works for a global audience.
  • He not only concentrated on the achievements of this great medieval saint but also delved deep into the cultural and religious environment of the entire medieval Assam.

About Prof. Mahaswer Neog:

  • Prof Neog was born on September 7, 1915 in Kamarphodia village of Sibsagar district.
  • His elder brother, an equally eminent litterateur Dimbeswar Neog, immortalised this village in a poem as a miniature of the entire universe.
  • His role in the process of establishing the Gauhati University is worth mentioning. In the year 1917, Assam decided to go for a university. It was a desire that was born out of national concern and love for people.
  • Prof Neog prepared a brilliant report of the Gauhati University Convention held on December 29-30, 1944 and sent it to Lokapriya Gopinath Bordoloi. Bordoloi was so pleased with Neog’s report that he urged him to join as office secretary of the Gauhati University Trust Board comprising Bordoloi himself.
  • He gave a decisive shape to the research and academic environment of the university and he was the man behind the full length translation of the complete Mahabharata into Assamese.
  • It is pertinent to note that Prof Neog was also attentive to the political issues.
  • In December 1946, Prof Neog wrote a brilliant article titled Assam Opposes Grouping, and it was published in Janata, the mouthpiece of the Socialist Party whose editorial board comprised Aruna Asaf Ali, Jayaprakash Narayana among others.